Samsung was either feeling generous or someone messed up big time when it temporarily slashed £1,400 off a 49-inch 240 Hz OLED gaming monitor

Samsung OLED G9 gaming monitor
(Image credit: Samsung)

We may never see a lower price for the Samsung Odyssey OLED G9 than what I caught it going for over the weekend, and that's because it appears to have been a complete accident. Samsung discounted its ultrawide 49-inch OLED gaming monitor by £1,400—bringing it down to just £199.

To put that into perspective, this is a brand new gaming monitor that we scored 90% in our recent G9 OLED review. Though we looked at the cheaper model, the G93SC. The one discounted over the weekend was the version with smart TV functionality built-in, the G95SC. We thought that smart functionality pretty needless on a gaming monitor presumably connected to a fully-functioning gaming PC and yet I wouldn't say no to it at that price.

Unfortunately, I didn't reach the screen in time to secure one for myself. I caught wind of the offer on TikTok, through a video of a user claiming to have scored an order in time via Samsung's eBay page, which also had a similar deal running—it must be an automated system. 

By the time I had reached the page, it had already sold out.

The low price was still listed on the sold out product, however. I snapped a few screenshots before the price shot back up. The monitor is still sold out on Samsung right now.

Samsung OLED G9 gaming monitor sale page on a mobile phone.

(Image credit: Samsung)

That sort of discount is one way to move stock fast. Though I very much doubt Samsung intended to discount its brand new OLED screen to little more than a 1080p panel. As someone that previously managed an ecommerce website, I can admit to cocking up a product's price on a handful of occasions, only to realise my mistake when the first order rolls in. The stakes were pretty small—a mug worth £7.99 discounted to £6.99 didn't exactly break the bank.

Samsung, on the other hand, just lost out on over a thousand pounds sterling for every monitor sold at this price. That may have only been a handful but that's still a lot of cash. Hey, don't feel bad for Samsung, it's worth billions. But maybe feel bad for the person that has to admit it was their fault.

For what it's worth, while we won't see a deal anywhere close to this (though fingers crossed), there will be some cheap gaming monitor deals for Prime Day over the next few weeks. Don't get your hopes up for £1,400 off, though.


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