Hammerwatch this trailer if you like Gauntlet, co-op, modding or smashing stuff

Hammerwatch . It's a strong name for a remarkably strong-looking game - a dungeon crawler inspired by Gauntlet. As with that co-operative RPG classic, there's a heavy emphasis on fast-paced action, as you and (optionally) three chums kill, smash and plunder your way through the aptly named Castle Hammerwatch. As the following video makes abundantly clear, you'll be met not just by enemies but by traps, puzzles and - best of all - hidden rooms filled with glittering loot. If you approve of such things, the game awaits your clicking finger on Steam Greenlight .

Hammerwatch - I will never get tired of typing that name - features online co-op and will also support mods, so we can design our own levels once we exhaust the 12 that will form the main campaign. As for a release date, the team suggest 'Q2 2013', so expect it sometime around Spring/Summer this year.

(Via IndieGames )

Tom Sykes

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