H1Z1 releases a new 8x8km map called Outbreak

Free-to-play battle royale shooter H1Z1 is getting a new map today called Outbreak, an 8x8km battle royale arena that features "new terrain, points of interest, and art and textures". And keep your eye out for few areas familiar to long-time players of H1Z1, because the map includes several landmarks from the original map (though they've been redesigned). You can see video of some of those landmarks above, such as Pleasant Valley and Misty Peak Dam, and there's an announcement trailer and some screenshots below.

"Alongside the new map, the update includes changes to gameplay mechanics that allow players to recapture the classic feel of H1Z1," reads the press release sent to PC Gamer. "This includes new run and jump movements and animations to create a faster and more responsive system that keeps combat fun and intuitive. Classic audio cues also make their return with this update."

This is great news for H1Z1 players. While the existing battle royale map has undergone a lot of changes over the years, it's still a map originally designed for what is now called Just Survive, Daybreak's open world survival sandbox. With Outbreak, H1Z1 will be getting a map specifically built with battle royale in mind.

Outbreak is available for solo players, duos, and squads of five. Find out more about today's update here.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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