Guys, someone trapped Sonic the Hedgehog inside a controller

REALMz Wired Controller
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Peripheral maker PDP announced its new Realmz gaming controller, based on popular franchises, at Gamescom. And, of course, what better cultural icon is there to launch a product than the world's fast hedgehog? 

Sonic Speed Realmz Wired Controller is an Xbox controller that's heavy on the blues and whites and, more importantly, has a "collectible figurine" of our man, Sonic the Hedgehog, in the right controller grip, frozen in place.

It seems like there's no way to remove the Sonic figurine inside the controller without breaking it with a hammer. What? Don't tell me you didn't think about it.

The controller customization is handled through the PDP app, where you can adjust dead zones and goof around with the RGB lighting. Here, you can also remap buttons, configure triggers, and adjust dead zones on the thumbsticks. 

Unfortunately, as much as I like the blue and white Xbox controller, the Sonic Green Hill Zone controller for the Switch looks like a far superior controller, design-wise, at least. There are even Tails and Knuckles variants of the Switch controllers that also look pretty neat. 

Wired Switch controllers technically work on PC, but there may be some compatibility issues, especially when playing games on Steam. 

REALMz Wired Controller RGB on

(Image credit: PDP)

Usually, I don't make a big deal about third-party controllers since the Xbox Series X controller is the best controller for PC gaming in terms of price and performance, with the PlayStation Dualsense as a close second. However, as someone who always seems to end up with tons of Sonic-themed accessories in his house, it's my solemn duty to keep you updated on any products with the blue speedster.

The Sonic Speed Xbox Realmz controller is up for pre-order for $50 and shipping this fall in Europe. PDP said its next design will feature Optimus Prime as well as characters from Pikmin for its Nintendo Switch controllers.


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