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Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire drops launch trailer

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Billed primarily as a "content" expansion—against its forerunner Heart of Thorns' "feature" leanings—Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire is almost upon us. Announced last month, and previewed by Phil here, developer AreaNet has now dropped its launch trailer. 

Let's first look at that:

As Phil outlines above, this 'un brings with it mounts that can go everywhere, new elite specialisations, and, perhaps most importantly, a timeline that doesn't put a break in the Living World. 

Again, Phil's got you covered with all the how, whens and whys this-a-way, however I think it's worth noting that despite being set in the Crystal Desert, Path of Fire's locale isn't an uninteresting place. 

Here's what art director Horia Dociu said on that last month: "There's still a ton of variety, a ton of really interesting pockets of sub-biomes. Every type of desert you can dream of is in this game: crystal stuff, toxic stuff, branded whatever. The level of detail and fidelity—just the mature art team combined with the mature toolkit—to do something this big at our most detailed level is something that I'm shocked by."  

Guild Wars 2's Path of Fire expansion is due this Friday, September 22.