Guild Wars 2 bug turns players into ridiculously long cats

Two bugged charr characters which has stretched their torsos.
(Image credit: ArenaNet)

Two years ago, Guild Wars 2 was infiltrated by giant cats. It was intentional, some cheeky April Fools Day shenanigans. But now, something even more cursed has arrived in the game, something I'm pretty sure ArenaNet didn't intend to happen. The reign of the big cats is over, now long cats are the latest thing to be wreaking havoc in the MMO.

The whole thing looks to be a glitch that's arrived with the game's latest update— which marked the beginning of the Super Adventure Festival event—and affects the feline race charr. They look perfectly normal until you try and equip them with the light armour version of the Reality Rig Mk2 festival armour, at which point they become incredibly stretchy lads. 

Players have been having a ton of fun with the bug, with the Guild Wars 2 subreddit becoming packed with various GIFs, images and videos. Some have even been using the elongated bug to do fun cosplays of cartoon characters and have likened their appearance to the longcat memes

The most terrifying is perhaps combining the glitch with the bobblehead laboratory effect, which left me both uncomfortable and also completely unable to take my eyes off the screen. It's a quirky bug that has proven so popular that players have also been asking for ArenaNet to turn it into a tonic—consumables that can transform characters in different ways. Despite it being a fun, fairly non-invasive issue, ArenaNet has already confirmed in a tweet reply that it's working on a fix for the issue. Boooooo.

Mollie Taylor
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