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Guild Wars 2 is full of giant cats right now

(Image credit: ArenaNet)
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It's been a surprisingly quiet April Fool's day this year, which, fine, but some developers are still taking the time to have a small, sensible amount of fun. For instance: Guild Wars 2 has some big cats.

Log into the game this week and you'll receive a mysterious message from a Very Important Person (Cat).

(Image credit: ArenaNet)

Attached to it are potions that, when quaffed, will cause little cats to spawn around you that give you a brief stack of might whenever you get near. And also: the big cats.

They seem to be perched off the side of some maps, specifically social areas like The Grove and Divinity's Reach. Burger, above, lives in the water near Lion's Arch.

Also: fun patch notes, the classic April Fool's stable. Here's a selection of choice nuggs.

  • Bosses in the open world now add "the II," "Jr.," and so on after their names when respawning to make it clear that the enemies don't just magically return to life.
  • Home-instance NPCs will now complain that you never call or visit.
  • Minis can now be sorted by cuteness in the Hero panel.
  • Mostly-Digested Boots can now be consumed.
  • All professions now have a unique reaction skill that appears for a fraction of a second during certain events.
  • The window of time for clicking the reaction skill is decreased based on account age, because OG players should be really good at the game by now.
  • Following the success of Swiss tournaments, we will be gradually rolling out tournaments in other regions of the world.

The patch notes suggest the cats will hang around for the next week, until April 7. 

Back in the serious realm, Guild Wars 2 is in the midst of its new Living World season—The Icebrood Saga—with an expansion in the works too. Below you will find some more very large cats.

(Image credit: ArenaNet)

(Image credit: ArenaNet)

(Image credit: ArenaNet)

(Image credit: ArenaNet)

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