GTR 3 announced with teaser site, see bumpers, hear engines


A new GTR 3 teaser site , spotted on Eurogamer , heralds the return of the racing series with a fanfare of roaring engines going VRERRRRRRNNNNNNYYUUMMM. The noise is accompanied by some tiny, tiny images showing the occasional flash of wheel spoke and a bit of road or a high speed bumper. Beyond that, barely anything is revealed (the image above is of GTR Evolution). Still, good news for racing fans.

Fans on the forum have pieced the images together and deduced that the Audi R8 LMS (GT3) and the BMW Z4 GT3 will be in the game, and third car that could either be a Mercedes-Benz AMG Black Series Car possible Brabus or a McLaren MP-12C. Now it's time for me to end this post and run away before it becomes obvious how little I know about cars, beyond the fact that they sound awesome. Are you excited about the prospect of a new GTR?

Tom Senior

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