GTA Online's free money bonus rolls over, Smuggler's Run gets twin perks

With Red Dead Redemption 2 due (on consoles) this Friday, GTA Online offers its players one last chance to earn double money on its western-themed bonus weapons. 

If you're yet to complete the Double-Action Revolver and Stone Hatchet kill challenges, this means you're in for $1 million—$250K per challenge, plus an additional $250K a-piece "when you log in [next] week". If you've already obtained both, you still qualify for the latter payout at $500K all told. 

Add this to the extra cash earned from Smuggler's Run Sell Missions—with double RP and GTA$—and you'll be well placed to capitalise on this week's vehicle, property and aircraft savings.  

From back to front, my pick of this week's planes is the Spitfire-aping P-45 Nokota. With 35 percent off, it's going for $1,938,000 (combined with its trade price discount). On the property front, hangars are subject to the same 35 percent off; while the Declasse Scramjet is 30 percent less its normal price at $3,364,000 (again, with its trade price discount).

Ascertaining trade price there requires you win a round of the Hunting Pack (Remix) Adversary Mode, which I found somewhat lacking at launch earlier this year. Even on sale, the Scramjet isn't cheap either—and I personally prefer flying my Deluxo, or whizzing around on my airborne Oppressor. Nonetheless, the Scramjet's jet propulsion is neat, and requires Rocket League-levels of skyward skill to master. Good luck with that.   

More on all of that lives on the Rockstar Newswire. As always, here's how to make money in GTA Online, should any of the above tickle your fancy. 

Image credit: CSWood