GTA Online adds Declasse Scramjet and reworked Hunting Pack Adversary Mode

Following its flurry of real-world DJ talent in After Hours, GTA Online has added a new vehicle and a new Adversary Mode. The Declasse Scramjet will send you soaring, while the new Hunting Pack (Remix) Adversary Mode, for the most part, left me snoring. 

In our speculative what we want from GTA 6 (and the next version of GTA Online) overview, Sam and I suggested Grand Theft Auto's next outing needs fewer but better Adversary Modes. I stand by this: there are now too many to choose from, and an abundance of dead modes. I've mostly enjoyed my time with the game's latest foray, granted, but I'm unlikely to return once its double GTA$ and RP bonus runs out and its player count inevitably dwindles. 

As the name suggests, Hunting Pack (Remix) is a reworking of the 2015 original—this time with its latest car incorporated. The drill is the same as before: you either assume control of the runner, who drives a bomb-rigged truck which, once activated, cannot let its speed drop without exploding; an attacker, whose job it is to stop the truck; or a defender, who's tasked with keeping the truck moving. 

With a full house, this can be fun. I've played several matches so far, but have only won once on the side of the defenders. For my money, it's too easy  to halt the bomb bus, and even in the moments where we got ahead—be that with me at the wheel, or while defending a teammate—the distance you're expected to travel before victory in defence is too long. 

Courtesy of GTA Series Videos, here's 15 minutes of Hunting Pack (Remix) in motion:

At $4,628,400, the new Declasse Scramjet doesn't come cheap, but winning a round of the above grants you access to its $3,480,000 trade price. I reckon that's still pretty steep, and for all launching yourself into the air by tapping E, and jet-propelling yourself further skyward by hitting space is great fun—I can't say it's any more entertaining that flying a Deluxo, or whizzing around in an airborne Oppressor. Maybe I'm doing it wrong, though. Let me know in the comments down south. 

Elsewhere this week, nightclub promotion is subject to a 2X popularity boost—and a number of sports, super and weaponised cars are on sale. My pick of the bunch—which so happens to be one of the fastest cars in GTA Online—is the Dewbauchee Vagner. It's going for $1,074,500 with a 30 percent discount, which is totally worth your money. 

As always, I'm gonna point you to our how to make money in GTA Online guide, on the off-chance you're ever struggling to make bank.