GTA Online gets a new car and a set of weekly bonuses

Go shopping in Legendary Motorsport in GTA Online right now and you will find a new Dewbauchee Rapid GT Classic. A "deeply customizable Sports Classic" that looks pretty good in deep purple.

You'll need some GTA$ to secure one, so you might want to spend more time in the extended Motor Wars mode, which you can earn double cash and RP. The same bonus also applies to Rockstar-created Stunt Races and Smuggler's Run Sell Missions. Bodyguards and Associates also take twice the salary.

For high flyers a series of discounts should make it easier to avoid being blown up. Rockster are discounting countermeasures, aircraft engines and armour upgrades by 25 percent.

You'll find all the latest detailed on the Rockstar newswire, including details on this week's premium race and time trial events.

We've been playing quite a lot of GTA Online recently. Sam reckons the latest update is the best the game has enjoyed since heists. You can tell us what you love and hate about GTA Online in our reader survey. We will be compiling the results for a future article.

Tom Senior

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