Here are all the cars in the GTA: Drug Wars DLC

GTA Online Drug Wars cars list
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If you're looking for a GTA Drug Wars cars list, you're in the right place. The latest update is live, and naturally, there are a bunch of new cars to get your hands on. Showing off with the latest wheels might be fun, but it can put a pretty big dent in your bank balance—our guide on how to make money on GTA Online should help you out. This is especially relevant as more vehicles will be added in the coming weeks.

There's plenty of new stuff to get stuck into right now, though. GTA Online Drug Wars is a multi-part update that includes six new story missions, a lucrative new Acid Lab business, and many new clothing items. If you're keen to drive away some new wheels, here's the GTA Online Drug Wars cars list.

GTA: Online Drug Wars cars list 

There are five new vehicles to choose from initially in the Drug Wars update with more scheduled to arrive over the coming weeks. The Declasse Tahoma Coupe is also free for two days from December 16 so you'll need to be quick if you want to snag this set of wheels.

Here is a list of the new cars, along with how much they cost:

  • Declasse Tahoma Coupe: Free from December 16 til 18
  • Overflod Entity MT: $2,355,000
  • Annis 300R: $2,075,000
  • Declasse Tulip M-100: $1,658,000
  • Zirconium Journey II: $790,000
  • BF Surfer Custom: $590,000

The Overflod Entity and the Annis 300R are available from Legendary Motorsport, though the latter only until December 28, 2022, while the Declasse Tulip, Zirconium Journey, and BF Surfer can be purchased from Southern San Andreas Super Autos.

For the curious Tez2 has discovered some of the upcoming vehicles heading to GTA Online's Drug Wars update: 

  • Ocelot Virtue
  • Toundra Panthere
  • Classique Broadway
  • Western Powersurge Motorcycle
  • Karin Boor
  • Willard Eudora
  • Karin Hotring Everon
  • Weeny Issi Rally
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