GTA 5's Los Santos takes centre stage in real world DJ's latest video

World famous techno DJ Solomun entered GTA Online last week, as part of its After Hours update. As I mentioned here and here and here, the Bosnian superstar's music is banging—and his latest track, named Customer is King, brings Los Santos to the world. 

Captured entirely in-game, the official music video for Customer is King features below, which is the first time Rockstar has collaborated with an artist in this way, the developer tells us. 

You'll spot some Easter eggs along the way—poor Tracey De Santa gets kidnapped towards the end, for example—and I reckon you'll like the production even if you're not into techno. The thought that you might not be makes me sad, but perhaps that's a conversation for another day.

What a day poor Solomun's had there. 

And it could be argued it's about to get worse—Tale of Us enter the LS club scene fold today, and could potentially draw audiences away from the big man. I'll dive deeper into ToU's arrival in a separate post, but know that the duo joins GTA Online alongside its new LSUR radio station.  

"Los Santos’ first resident DJ has arrived in Los Santos as part of GTA Online: After Hours and today Solomun celebrates the release of the Customer Is King EP, the 100th release on his label, Diynamic Music with a video for the title track," says Rockstar on the above. "Watch Solomun as he puts in a hard day’s work making deliveries across Los Santos while trying not to get caught up in the everyday chaos of the city. 

"Shot entirely inside the world of GTAV, this is also the first time a real world artist has debuted new music via their own story inside the GTA universe."