GTA 5 Thor script mod brings hammer time to Los Santos

Grand Theft Auto 5 is the best-selling videogame of all time in the US, we discovered yesterday. For me, its enduring PC appeal is a result of its catalogue of neat user-made mods—the latest of which to catch my eye is JD Hauser and Stillhere's Thor Script mod. 

Similar to JulioNIB's outlandish superhero creations—which include the likes of The Hulk, Iron Man, and Dragon Ball—JD Hauser and Stillhere's Thor Script brings Odin's favourite son to Los Santos, complete with his iconic Mjolnir hammer and, perhaps expectedly, a repertoire of brutally aggressive maneuvers. 

I count 18 different moves on the mod's GTA5Mods page—a few of which aren't yet complete, and one of which "requires 'conditions' to be met". Its creators note that the mod "[gives] you the power of Thor through Mjolnir which is included within the mod. 

To play as Thor himself (model) or any other ped you will need to download and install separately and apply within the script."

In the following features showcase, TheMadBreaker's Thor: Asgard Pack is used. Observe:

From that, my favourites are the Mjolnir Throw, Odin Force, the Storm of Asgard, and the bit around the three minute mark where Thor's seen driving around in a 4x4 trying to relocate his hammer. 

Here's a Rockstar Editor trailer too, with a handful of familiar faces, if that's more your cup of tea:

JD Hauser and Stillhere's Thor Script mod isn't the first Thor-inspired GTA 5 mod, but it's the most sophisticated I've seen. If you fancy it, installation instructions can be found over here.