GTA 5 preload begins April 7

GTAV2 Vinewood Sign

Grand Theft Auto 5's PC release is in 10 days, but those who have pre-purchased Rockstar's epic will be able to preload the game as of April 7.

The announcement arrived via Rockstar's support section, sans any pomp or grandeur as is traditional for a lot of the company's notices. I still remember the days of them releasing screens for GTA 5's console launch almost in secret, the craft types.

The preload is confirmed for those who have ordered GTA 5 through either Rockstar Warehouse or Steam, though it's fair to assume other digital distributors will put similar plans into action for early adopters.

No word on the precise file size as of yet, but the minimum requirement is a whopping 65GB space on your hard drive - and in Xbox One/PS4 land GTA 5 was a not-that-small 44GB initial download.

You can find out everything you need to know about GTA 5 on PC right here, or just check out a couple of the recent trailers either here, or here.