Rockstar has addressed GTA 5 left turn physics bug [updated]

Update: Rockstar has now released a patch which targets GTA Online's newly added Pegassi Infernus Classic and the recent issues the vehicle has had with handling. 

As reported earlier this week (see below), before now the Infernus Classic—among other vehicles—suffered from a handling bug that forced the sports car to spin out of control when turning left, even when turned right posed no issue.

Last week Rockstar posted on its support page saying: "We are aware that some players are experiencing a problem with steering the Pegassi Infernus Classic. We are currently investigating the issue and if you would like more information on this issue as it progresses, please subscribe to this article for further updates."

Rockstar then followed-up with this statement yesterday: "Title Update 1.39 has a fix for reported handling issues of several vehicles, including steering on the Pegassi Infernus Classic."  

Original story: 

As outlined by Rockstar last month, GTA 5's online component, GTA Online, introduced the Infernus Classic to its faux Los Angeles bounds last week—the first time the sports car has been seen in this form since 2001's Grand Theft Auto 3 and its loosely-tied 2005 follow-up Liberty City Stories. Since its GTA Online debut, however, it appears this car has one critical flaw: it can't turn left without spinning out. 

Now, I'm no mechanic, but being able to turn in both directions—both right and left—is something I value in my choice of vehicle, digital or otherwise. This is galvanised by the fact GTA Online's latest offering sets players back a whopping $915,000 in-game moolah which, for something that's ultimately defective, is a lot to ask. 

Disgruntled players have taken to platforms such as Reddit to express their dismay with the bug, however adam10603 has filed a complaint with Rockstar Support that targets not just the newly added Infernus Classic, but also the game's 811, Vigero, Mamba, Gauntlet and Pigalle cars. Adam10603 even suggests "these are only a few of the many cars being affected by this [bug]."

Punctuated by handy GIFs and YouTube links, he or she suggests the issue here is directly related to each problem vehicle's suspension, and compares these cars in their current state to when in-game racers stance or slam their cars—a trick which YouTube GTA Online racing enthusiast Broughy1322 explains over here.   

"When you do this to a car, the wheels will have a tendency to lose traction much more easily when cornering, compared to the same car with no damage," explains adam10603. "Cars now tend to have a very similar behaviour to this, but without doing anything to them, and it only seems to affect the rear right wheel. If you observe that wheel very closely on cars that are heavily affected by this bug, you can see that it vibrates, and shakes up and down as you're driving."

Also linked by adam10603 is Samy's YouTube video which shows the dodgy left turn manoeuvres in action. Observe:

So, over to those of you who play GTA Online: have you been affected by this no-left turn bug? Let us know in the comments below. Fingers crossed Rockstar steps up with a patch soon, but until then you're perhaps best holding back from dropping close to a million of your GTA dollars.