GTA Outfit Scraps locations: Where to find the Shipwreck Collectibles

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Wondering where to find GTA Online Outfit Scraps? The Frontier outfit is the reward for collecting these items in GTA Online, and if you happen to be into the pirate look, you'll want to snap this one up. While the outfit's existence has been known for a while, the method of getting it has only been unlocked with today's update.

The recent Los Santos Tuners update gives you the chance to show off your car collection at the LS Car Meet. You can even buy your own Auto Shop, providing you have the cash to spare. But if you are looking to wind down a little with a trip (or seven) to the beach to find a nice new outfit, this guide has you covered. Here's where to find the Outfit Scraps in GTA 5.

GTA 5 Outfit Scraps: How to get the Frontier outfit 

If you want to get your hands on this outfit, you'll need to pick up Outfit Scraps from Shipwreck Collectibles found across the map. As the name implies, they appear close to water, so checking beaches is an excellent place to start. There is a caveat, though—you can only pick up one per day, and you'll need to collect seven in total, so it will take you a minimum of a week to earn your new duds.

The video above from GTA Series Videos (or the map below, courtesy of Reddit user Johnnyg5150) shows each of the locations. Don't forget, as soon as you pick up one, you won't be able to get more that day.

for_those_u_didnt_know_u_can_now_collect_the from r/gtaonline

Despite only being accessible from today, some players reported back in July that they already own the Frontier Outfit, so it might be worth checking under the 'Special' category in Outfits to make sure you don't already have it.


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