GTA 5 graphics mod looks exceptional

Bergman 5

iCEnhancer could have a rival. It's called Toddyhancer, and, while still just work-in-progress, is already looking pretty sharp. Here's a quick video—albeit a video with some framerate issues because it was recorded on a laptop.

The mod is being made by Martin Bergman, who shared a selection of images from older builds of his mod. "Don't go bananaz!" he warns. "Its just Reshade Shaders, ENB series, simple tweaks and some tonemapping with class!"

Unfortunately, it's not yet publicly available. According to Bergman's FAQ, a test will be released when he feels ready.

Ta, VG247.

Bergman 1

Bergman 3

Bergman 5

Bergman 4

Bergman 6


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