GTA 4 mod lets you take selfies

GTA 4 modders do a good trade in bringing Rockstar's 6-year-old open world epic in line with its soon to be released on PC sequel. That and turning Niko into a horse . Here's another feature that the community have crowbarred back into the older game: selfies .

If someone can mod in an e-cigarette and accompanying vape date with Roman, we'll have hit peak 2014.

Rather than use Niko's phone, you'll gain access to a menu of commands, letting you set specific facial expressions such as "angry", "surprised" or "whatever". You're possibly sat there thinking "this isn't a thing that people will want to do", but it is. It is a thing that people will want to do.

GTA 4 isn't a big fan of being modded, but you'll find installation instructions on the mod's info page . For the most part, it uses the OpenIV Package Installer tool , but there's the extra requirement of enabling compatibility mode for reasons known only to the game's bizarre collection of launchers and quirks.

The big question, of course, is can you take the selfie while also being a horse?

Thanks, Kotaku .

Phil Savage

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