GSL and MLG join forces to trade StarCraft II players and strengthen e-sports


South Korea's Global StarCraft II League and the USA's Major League Gaming represent the twin peaks of global e-sports. Through a new league exchange system, those peaks are beginning to merge together to one glorious, truly international mountain.

The system kicks into gear in June, with MLG's Columbus leg. Four Korean players – up and coming stars ST_Bomber, IM.LosirA, SlayerS_MMA, and ex-Warcraft III hero FOXMoon – will be added to that show's lineup to compete for the title.

On the other side, MLG Colombus' top three non-Korean finishers will be plonked straight into the GSL's Code A – one step below the competition's prestigious Code S class, home to the world's greatest.

For future MLG dates on the tour circuit, the tip-top finisher will bypass Code A entirely, and hop straight on a plane for Korea's Code S tournament, room and board paid for by the GSL. Likewise, the MLG will handle all costs for the four Korean players they'll be accepting into the pools at their upcoming events.

Read the full statement here .

This change sticks a spoon in the global talent pool and swirls it up a bit, potentially providing a shot at the established Korean scene for new and exciting players like Sweden's ThorZaIN without them needing to foot the bill themselves.

While we're on the subject, it's the GSL Code S final this weekend. E-sports fans: don't forget.