Grandia II Anniversary Edition will be out later this month

Grandia II

The remastered version of Grandia II announced back in May has a release date, and a new name, too. GungHo Online Entertainment America told Gamespot that the game, now known as Grandia II Anniversary Edition, will be out on August 24.

"After careful consideration, we have chosen to retitle the game for PC to Grandia II Anniversary Edition in order to properly celebrate Grandia II’s 15th anniversary," GungHo President and CEO Kazuki Morsishita said in a statement. "The fans voted and, now, we are proud to bring a revamped edition of the classic role-playing game from Dreamcast to PC as Grandia II Anniversary Edition."

It's not listed yet, but Gamespot has previously reported that Grandia II Anniversary Edition will be available on Steam and GOG, and will include a Japanese voice track, gamepad support, a new difficultly level, and of course updated graphics. It will be available for $15 prior to release, and $20 thereafter.

Andy Chalk

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