Grand Theft Auto IV Iron Man mod includes working repulsor beams, lack of morals

Grand Theft Auto IV Iron Man mod

Modding Grand Theft Auto IV is its own small struggle for victory—tweak this INI here, edit models there, and a bunch of script files everywhere—but when it pays off, it pays off spectacularly . In the case of author H1Vltg3's Iron Man mod (via Kotaku ), the payoff lets you roam and rocket across Liberty City as the crimson superhero with functioning hand and chest repulsor blasts. More importantly, it lets us be Iron Man but with no restrictive concern for public safety or pesky morality.

Note you'll need two files to get this particular model/script brew working: the repulsor files and the actual model itself . Each installation carries a step-by-step guide for making the mod cooperate with GTAIV, so you'll be in the air and blasting apart hot dog stands in no time. Stuck? Our mod collection has a few more tips and tools that can help smooth things along.

Omri Petitte

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