Grab yourself a 48-inch 4K LG OLED for a ridiculous $650

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LG A2 48-inch OLED | 60Hz | 4K| $1,299 $649.99 at Best Buy (save $650)
It's low spec as LG OLEDs go, most notably topping out at 60Hz. It's also not the brightess OLED out there. But it's still 48 inches of 4K LG goodness for $650 and half its original price. Yum.  

Wait. There's got to be a catch, right? Yes. This LG OLED A2 48 incher is a 60Hz screen, so there's no high refresh action here. But then it's also 4K, so the idea that you're going to be watching Cyberpunk flash by at 240 frames per second is pretty fanciful.

In other words, this isn't a screen for eports addicts desperate for low latency. To be honest, it's not really a great pick as a multi-purpose monitor. At 48 inches it's a bit too big for that. But if you want that OLED -per-pixel lighting experience with the full 4K thrown in, and from one of the best brands in the business, well, this isn't a deal, it's an outright steal at just $650 from Best Buy.

Anyway, the LG  isn't even an ancient model, it's a 2022 panel. However, it is LG's value-orientated OLED model line and aside from the 60Hz thing, there are other, well, compromises. 

Most obviously, this ain't the brightest kind-of monitor du monde. You're looking at a peak of around 550 nits in a small window and—brace for impact—only a little over 100 nits for full screen brightness.

So, this isn't a great choice for all-round computing. It will lack punch on the desktop. That said, most LG-derived PC monitors only hit about 150 nits full screen, so this TV isn't all that different to screens priced well above it.

What it will be good at it delivering epic HDR visuals on a very large scale and with 4K crispness. Baldur's Gate would look utterly drool worthy on this monster.

Incidentally, our cousins over on Tom's Guide reckon it has low input lag despite the 60Hz refresh, plus excellent colour accuracy. The sound quality is good, too, and you get a decent smart TV platform thrown in.

All told, this is a tiny bit of a niche item. It's probably not going to replace your 27-inch 1440p panel of choice. But is it cheap enough that it might just be affordable as a big-screen indulgence, a life-enhancing extra as opposed to your daily driver. Admit it, it's very tempting.


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