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Samsung SSDs
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Storage space on a PC is one of those things that’s almost always in demand. Who doesn’t look at a nice speedy SSD and ponder how nicely it would work in their setup? Well, right now seems to be a pretty decent time to be doing just that, because Samsung M.2 SSD drives are popping up at mysteriously good prices, but some are definitely inflating the discount so buyer beware.

First up I noticed that Amazon had both the 2 TB Samsung 980 Pro SSD and Samsung 970 EVO Plus going at discounted prices. The 980 is marked down from $450 to $300 which seemed like a bit of a high asking price before the discount, but perhaps not totally unfair. 

Samsung 980 Pro

Samsung 980 Pro | M.2 PCIe Gen 4 | 2 TB| SSD |  $269.99
These Samsung M.2 SSDs are on sale in a bunch of places at the moment but it seems like Newegg have the best deal we could find. Make sure to have a quick check around before buying to make sure that's still the case.

Then while the sale price for the Samsung 970 Evo was a fair $200, the original listing for the 970 priced at $500, which is definitely a bit richer than the actual market price. Still, one of these for $200 USD didn’t seem too bad so I had a look around to compare and it seems like these Samsung M.2 SSDs are on sale in heaps of places.

BestBuy has a 2 TB Samsung 970 EVO Plus for $210 and you can pick up a Samsung 980 Pro for only $280. NewEgg are currently seeming like the best deal, charging the lowest $190 for the 970 Evo, and keeping in line with BestBuy with a $280 980 Pro.

We saw the 980 Pro on sale in this storage size for $330 late last year, and the 2TB 970 Evo was also on sale for $250 not that long ago, so these are by no means bad prices, just perhaps not as excellent as Amazon may be making them seem. 

This serves a good reminder that just because a sale price looks good, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a particular good deal. Especially from big storefronts like Amazon, though it is a bit ironic with the Samsung 970 Evo Plus taking out our most affordable PCIe 3.0 SSD award. If these prices are the new standard, that handle might become even better earned. 

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