Grab access to the World of Tanks Generals closed beta

World of Tanks Generals

World of Tanks Generals is a browser-based card battling game from the creators of the free-to-play multiplayer tank-a-thon, World of Tanks. Players duel using 200 collectible cards based on famous World War 2 units and tactics. While the artwork above suggests that this will cast you as a towering tank demigod, the truth is a little more mundane, but if you like CCGs, or tanks, or beating other humans in strategic combat, why not give it a go?

The European closed beta is underway now and we have 999 keys to raffle off to lucky winners. To apply, simply enter your email address in the widget below. Winners will be chosen at random by our captive tank demigod, and keys emailed out accordingly.

Please note that this giveaway is for European readers only, as the keys are tuned to the European version of the game.

Tom Senior

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