Grab a Zalman mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Red switches for $40

Are you still using a membrane keyboard? If you are and want to upgrade to a mechanical keyboard, first off, solid choice. Secondly, you don't have to spend a ton of money on one—Zalman's KM-K700M is just $40 on Newegg today.

That's half off its list price and is significantly cheaper than the $130ish that marketplace sellers are asking on Amazon, or the $140 price on

Zalman's keyboard uses Cherry MX Red key switches. These are popular for fast-action gaming, as they offer minimal resistance without a tactile bump to overcome. They're also fairly quiet (see our guide on mechanical key switches for more info).

What you don't get here is RGB lighting, though it does sport a white LED backlight. It also features various lighting effects, a frameless design, and a set of dedicated gaming/macro keys, that last bit being a rare amenity in this price range.

Go here to grab this keyboard.

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Paul Lilly

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