Grab a code for free items in action MMO Kritika Online

Free-to-play action MMO Kritika Online (opens in new tab) brings teams together to speed clear dungeons with 'mega blades, alchemical superguns, and dazzling acrobatics.' If you hadn't guessed from the costumed fellow above, fashion is also an important consideration, and developer ALLM along with publisher En Masse have given us the opportunity to share some Kritika wares with you.

We have nearly 5,000 codes to give away, each of which unlocks the following:

  •  1 Permanent Operetta Costume Bundle (See screen above)
  •  1 Mini Nine-Tails Fox (Pet, lasts 10 days) 
  •  3 DZ90-30m EXP Boost (Each experience boost potion lasts 30 minutes) 

If you're a PC Gamer Club (opens in new tab) member, check the #giveaways channel in the Discord server, where we've dropped a few codes for members to claim at their leisure (or if those are gone, feel free to grab one here). Otherwise, hit the link below to request a code. It's first come, first serve.

Click here to request a code (opens in new tab)

Note that Godankey won't store your email address after your code has been delivered, and we won't see it.

To redeem your key, download Kritika Online on the official site (opens in new tab) or Steam (opens in new tab) and make an account. From the launcher, hit 'Redeem a Code' and paste your code in. In the game, you can find your items in the 'Delivery Box' from the menu. Once moved to your inventory, you can equip or use them in town. Have fun!

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