Gosh, this RX 6700 XT gaming PC with a Core i7 and DDR5 is $750 off

The Dell Alienware R13 gaming PC.
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Alienware Aurora R13

Alienware Aurora R13 | AMD RX 6700 XT | Intel core i7 12700F | 16GB DDR5 RAM | 512GB SSD | $1,949.99 $1,199.99 at Dell (Save $750)
I don't think I've ever seen a machine with an RX 6700 XT in it for this price, let alone an Alienware one. Sure the 512GB SSD is a little on the small side, but there's 16GB of speedy DDR5-4400 dual-channel RAM backing up a great GPU and a fantastic high-end CPU. There's not a lot to be concerned about here, especially with a discount like that.

Sitting in second place on our best gaming PC guide right now, this is the exact config we've picked to represent Dell's Alienware machines. While new cards and CPUs are on the way right now, this config will still be relevant for a while yet, and the fact the Alienware Aurora R13 is $1,200 right now, compared to its usual $1,950 is just out of this world. Ha, get it?

Terrible jokes aside, we picked this config for our guide because although it's a little lacking on the storage side of things, it sits well below the maximum we'd recommend to pay for an RX 6700 XT gaming PC over Black Friday. That's according to the crib sheet in our how to spot the best Black Friday gaming PC deals guide, and it's not even Black Friday yet.

Anyone who's been in the market for a gaming PC will recognise Dell Alienware as a brand that tends to sell for a premium; finding a machine like this with a $750 discount is a little disconcerting. You're asking yourself, "What's the catch?"

And genuinely, there doesn't appear to be one.

The CPU Dell has paired the 12GB AMD RX 6700 XT with is a 12-core, 20-thread monster that clocks up to 5GHz in Turbo mode: the Intel Core i7 12700F. Both are going to contribute to some real gaming prowess at 1080p, 1440p and even 4K if you're alright with switching down some settings. 

The CPU in particular, paired with a cracking 16GB of dual-channel DDR5-4400 RAM, is going to be great for rendering and productivity tasks, too. The only real drawback is the SSD. It's an NVMe SSD at least, but 512GB is a little small when you consider the size of some of today's games, but it's worth perhaps adding an extra NVMe SSD into the spare M.2 slot. 

At least with that kind of discount, you'll be able to afford a cheeky upgrade. Check out our Black Friday SSD deals if you plan to soup up the Aurora R13's storage. 

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