GOG's latest weekly sale is brimming with '90s nostalgia

If you were playing videogames in the early-mid '90s, the strapline above might stir feelings of nostalgia. If it doesn't, perhaps mention of Metal Slug, Alien Breed and Alien Breed: Tower Assault will. And if that doesn't either, it's ever-so-slightly possible you're dead inside. In any event, they're all going cheap in GOG's latest weekly sale

Clearly, I've named my picks of the bunch in the strap, so let's look at those first. Worms 2, Cannon Fodder and Sensible World of Soccer 96/97 are all on sale for just £0.89/$1.19. It's dated as hell now, but the Amiga/Atari/DOS entries of the Sensi series are among my all-time favourites.  

Metal Slug, MS2, MS3 and MSX are all going for £2.19/$2.99; and Alien Breed and its Tower Assault follow-up come bundled at £0.69/$0.89. Elsewhere, the formidable Worms Armageddon comes in at £2.19/$3.09, as does King of the Monsters, as does Fatal Fury Special

Modern ventures, such as prison break 'em up The Escapists and its DLC are also going cheap, as is Worms' most recent outing—2016's Worms WMD.

Courtesy of YouTube person Neffets, here's Real Madrid getting cuffed 5-2 by Danish side Silkeborg in Sensible World of Soccer 96/97:

Check out GOG's latest weekly sale in full, which runs from now through Monday, May 21.

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