GOG launches new Weekly Sale format in a bid to revisit the classics

Beyond its seasonally themed sales, digital distribution platform GOG has changed the way it handles its weekly discount periods. Gone are its loosely-linked 'Staff Picks' and 'Grand Weekly Promos' and in their place are Weekly Sales: sales which collect classics, both old and new, and last for just seven days at a time. 

"Our weekly sales are changing," reads a post on the GOG site. "We know that you've enjoyed the loosely-themed Weekly Staff Picks and the grand Weekend Promos—we did too. But after nearly two years of fighting the good fight, it's time to morph into something bigger, stronger, maybe even better: our mighty Weekly Sale! Launching every Monday, each Weekly Sale will last for seven days."

Named The First of Many, last week's inaugural sale housed the likes of Overlord, Pan-Pan, Leisure Suit Larry, and a number of retro point-and-clickers from Wadjet Eye, among others, with 80 percent discounts. 

This week's collection currently gathers 16 games (there's more to come, so says GOG) with up to 90 percent off. The Tex Murphy series, the Worms series, Guilty Gear, Realms of the Haunting, Incoming, Soulbringer and The Escapists make up but some of the latest sale's deals which is live right now through to 5pm GMT/9am PT January 16.   

"It's a selection of games we know you'll love," adds GOG. "But if you don't see anything you fancy right off the bat, don't fret: we'll add another batch of super-good offers every Friday."