GOG Galaxy is letting testers buy Epic exclusives directly from the app

The Outer Worlds
(Image credit: Obsidian)

GOG Galaxy is already an immensely convenient platform, weaving together disparate stores and their libraries into one big game cupboard. You can download and launch your games from GOG Galaxy, and it even tracks your time played and achievements. From today, at least for some testers, it also lets you buy games from other stores. 

Until now, the GOG Galaxy store tab has only included GOG's catalogue of games, but testers will now see hand-picked Epic Game Store exclusives as well, including The Outer Worlds, Mortal Shell, Maneater and MechWarrior 5. 

Along with the convenience not needing to bounce between stores, buying the game on GOG Galaxy also makes you eligible for GOG's considerably more generous refund policy. On the Epic Games Store, you have 14 days to request a refund, and you're only eligible if you've played less than two hours. On GOG, however, it's a 30-day policy, regardless of how much you've played. 

Invites have been sent out, so check your inbox, but more users will be brought in as the test continues. More games and features will be added to the store, too, and presumably GOG wants to do this for all the platforms it supports, though there's no word on when or even if the likes of Steam and Origin will join the party. 

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