GOG discounts over 150 games in the latest day of their #NoDRM sale

It's the longest day of the year, apparently, and GOG.com have decided to celebrate by destroying the concept of days - and nights - entirely. That's because, with the amount of games on sale in today's update of the #NoDRM campaign, you could realistically spend the next year indoors, being enthralled by a constant procession of classic games.

GOG claim they have over 150 games on offer. (We'll take them at their word - I'm not prepared to count.) As usual, the offers are split between individual games and bundled packages. While bundled games are also discounted individually, the percentage on offer does decrease. That means, as tempting as it is to untick Daikatana from the excellent Fair and Square selection , it's cheaper to suck it up and add it to your library.

Recommendations? Oh-so-many of them. There are offers on FTL , Hotline Miami , Dyad, Fez, Waking Mars , Miasmata, the Wadjet Eye Selection and Indie Puzzlebox. And that's just the indies. And even then, that's just the ones that caught my eye on a quick browse of the list.

Elsewhere, there's The Witcher 2 for $5.99, a round-up of Bullfrog classics for $14.90, and the aforementioned Fair and Square selection - bringing Deus EX 1 and 2, Thief 1-3, Anachronox, and, yes, Daikatana for $15.43.

The sale will run until tomorrow, 12:59 PM GMT, which doesn't give you long to comb through their catalogue. Head here for the full selection, and pop your own recommendations in the comments.

Phil Savage

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