GOG brings back all Winter Sale bundles for a big weekend finale

GOG Winter Finale 640

Winter isn't over by a long shot, unfortunately, but GOG is nonetheless wrapping up its 2014 Winter Sale. The sale is ending with a bang—a bang that might actually sound familiar to those of you who took part in the Fall Sale.

Beginning at a way-too-early 6 am PST on December 13, all 24 Winter Sale bundles will be put back on sale for two days. The Anomaly bundle, the Sid Meier pack, the City Builder series, the STALKER trilogy, the Witcher tag-team, the Leisure Suit Larry load, and more will be marked down by as much as 85 percent.

There will be flash sales as well, including Larian's hit RPG Divinity: Original Sin at 33 percent off, but it all comes to an end in the wee hours of December 15. Get it while you can at GOG.com.

Andy Chalk

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