Win an epic PB&J sandwich! [giveaway]


@robohathorne: "Those are the best PB&Js ever made!"

@prenticegede: "Best PB&J I've ever had."

@Ohthatflo: "Those things are bomb."

@leah: "Totally jealous of the PB&J action I'm seeing on twitter. If anyone at PC Gamer needs a diaper change, I'll make a trade."

PC Gamer editors, contributors, and fans agree: No peanut butter and jelly sandwich holds a candle to the PB&J wedges from Courtney's Produce at the corner of 14th Street and Castro Street in San Francisco's Castro District. Each sandwich includes a generous mound of peanut butter folded into a scoop of strawberry jam tucked between two slices of delicious cinnamon bread—and one lucky bite includes a tart slice of strawberry!

Now you can experience the sandwich that took PC Gamer by storm!

Look below for contest details.

Update : Nathan Reimer has won, his comment:

"i like raspberry... did i just enter a contest to win a sandwich?!"


Just “like” us on Facebook and tell us in the comments on Facebook what kind of jelly you prefer on your PB&J. We'll pick a random winner from the comments and drop it in an envelope before we go home!

Sorry to our international friends, but, once again, this contest is for US residents only. But, hey, if you live in Sweden, you probably wouldn't want to eat the sandwich by the time it made its way to you anyways (not to mention the hungry customs official who'd ensure it got "lost" on its way to you). To enter, just leave your comment on Facebook by noon Pacific Daylight Time tomorrow (11/5)!

Be a part of the biggest hottest trend in compact food sources since eating the hearts of your defeated enemies went out of style! Enter now!