Ghost Recon Wildlands open beta players will earn bonus missions in the full game

On the off-chance that anyone had forgotten about it, the Ghost Recon Wildlands open beta is now underway. The beta will let players travel to two of the game's provinces, Itacua and Montuyoc, where they'll have the opportunity to see the sights, make friends, sample the local cuisine, and kill a whole bunch of people. 

Itacua is the opening province of the full game, an introductory area that also serves as a sort of home base for the fighters who have taken up arms against the Santa Blanca cartel and Unidad forces. Montuyoc, located in the highlands, is a more dangerous area, as it serves as the training center for cartel fighters.

Players who take part in either the closed or open beta, and purchase and play the full game prior to March 31, will also be given the Unidad Conspiracy reward, a set of three missions set in the Unidad stronghold of Media Luna. A Unidad leader is conspiring against the Santa Blanca cartel, which is just the sort of thing that could undermine the relationship between the two groups. Maybe you, as a concerned citizen, should tell someone? 

Twitch Prime subscribers will get a little bit of a bonus as well. According to VG247, the March reward includes the War Within the Cartel items pack, with two exclusive gear patches, a Santa Blanca cap and t-shirt, and the Santa Blanca Skorpion weapon skin. 

The Ghost Recon Wildlands open beta runs until 6 am ET on February 27. System requirements are here, and you can find out about an "interactive map minigame" with in-game rewards right here. You should also definitely watch the PC Gamer Elite Squad make a complete hash of a simple helicopter pickup in our coverage of the Wildlands closed beta

Ghost Recon Wildlands comes on March 7. The "Ruthless" television ad, which is perhaps not safe for work—thematically, at least—is below.

Andy Chalk

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