Ghost Recon Wildlands interactive map minigame offers in-game rewards

Ghost Recon Wildlands' preloading has already begun, and it's fast approaching its February 23-27 open beta. So far, we've had a bundle of in-game and live-action trailers, thoughts on its single-player component, and impressions of its multiplayer—and now it's launched an interactive map minigame of-sorts which promises players in-game rewards when the full release lands on March 7. 

Named A World With No Heroes, the interactive map lets players explore checkpoints strewn around the game's world whereby they can zoom in on specific events and set pieces. This involves observing shootouts and altercations from the safe distance of an overhead drone's video feed, clicking to identify bad guys or to otherwise gather intel. It's pretty straightforward and reminded me a bit of the hazard perception part of the UK's driving test

Rewards-wise, players serve to gain four emblems and a two-hour XP boost which allows a 50 percent increase to earned XP, and 25 percent to your teammates.  

Head in this direction to give A World With No Heroes a whirl

Again, Ghost Recon Wildlands is due March 7—here's another look at its customisation and co-op tactics trailer