Ghost Recon Wildlands: Fallen Ghosts will be out at the end of the month

The second expansion to the rumble-in-the-jungle multiplayer FPS Ghost Recon Wildlands is coming on May 30, Ubisoft announced today, and will wrap up the ghostly adventures in the Santa Blanca-ruled Bolivia. Except in Fallen Ghosts, the Santa Blanca cartel doesn't rule Bolivia anymore, and it sounds like things haven't worked out quite as well as they could have.

The good news is that, thanks to the efforts of the Ghosts, the Santa Blanca cartel has fallen. The bad news is that without a long-term post-intervention plan in place, the country has fallen into civil war. The Unidad special forces unit doesn't have the muscle to control the country, and so it does what typically happens in these situations and recruits former cartel members, along with mercenaries and various sorts of criminals looking for something to do, into a "new brutal special unit" called Los Extranjeros.

With the country in ruins, the Ghosts are given one last mission: Evacuate the remaining CIA personnel and American civilians before the reprisals begin. On the way in, however, their helicopter is shot down, leaving them alone in the jungle, without support, and facing an enemy equipped with the latest and greatest gear and technology. 

The expansion will feature 15 new missions and four new bosses, and what sounds like new Ghosts as well. Ubisoft said players will begin the expansion with a new character at level 30 and "equipped with all of the main game skills." The level cap has been increased to 35, and there are nine new unlockable skills, along with six new weapons including assault rifles, a sniper rifle, and a crossbow. Naturally, there are also new enemies to face, including armor-equipped soldiers, elite snipers, "jammers" who can neutralize drones and other electronic gear, and covert operators equipped with state-of-the-art cloaking devices.  

Ghost Recon Wildlands season pass holders will be able to get their hands on Fallen Ghosts on May 30, while everyone else will have to hold on an extra week (until June 6) and pay $15 for it. While you wait, don't miss this rundown of the latest PC Gamer mission to Bolivia, in which the Queen's Finest shows Team America how it's done by actually getting on the plane before accidentally blowing it up. 

Andy Chalk

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