Ghost Recon: Breakpoint trailer shows off its PC features

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, Ubisoft's survival-focused sequel to Wildlands, has got a few PC-specific features it wants to tout. Ubisoft's PC ports typically come with lots of settings to tweak, but you can see the highlights in the trailer above. 

There are a lot of the usual suspects, like the uncapped frame rate, ultra graphics settings and support for a variety of displays, including multi-monitor support. You'd think it wouldn't need a disclaimer saying it was "PC optimised", but I guess it's good to know that releasing a poorly optimised port isn't part of the plan. 

Breakpoint also uses AMD's FidelityFX toolkit, which I am going to pretend I know all about. It combines contrast-adaptive sharpening with luma preserving mapping and frees up your GPU by bundling more effects into fewer shaders passes. It essentially makes the game look sharper. 

It will also have Discord integration, when you want to take a break from being a lone wolf and instead struggle together, and eye tracking for both gameplay and menus. 

You can still register for the Breakpoint beta, kicking off in September, and it's due out on the Epic Games Store and Uplay on October 4. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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