Ghost Recon Breakpoint open beta is coming next week, now here's Lil Wayne

A Ghost Recon Breakpoint closed beta ran earlier this month, and apparently it went pretty well because Ubisoft announced today that an open beta will take place later this month. Players will have access to "several regions, missions, and modes" in solo and co-op play, as well as the Ghost War PvP mode, which wasn't available in the closed beta.

The open beta will run September 26-30, with preloading beginning on September 24. "Many changes and improvements" have been made since the closed beta, says Ubisoft, and just in case you were curious, it also says that your beta progress will not transfer to the full game.

Take note that the start time for both preloading and play on the Epic Games Store are five hours behind Uplay and other platforms, for reasons unclear. In case anyone had forgotten, Ghost Recon Breakpoint will not be released on Steam, and so neither will the open beta.

Ubisoft also released a live-action Ghost Recon Breakpoint video today featuring Lil Wayne making life difficult for his squadmates. You can enjoy that up above if you want, or dive into the detailed open beta start time schedule below. Ghost Recon Breakpoint comes out on October 4.

(Image credit: Ubisoft)
Andy Chalk

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