Ghost Recon Breakpoint servers are back (Updated)

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Update: Ubisoft now says that the issues have been corrected, and players should have access to the game. We'll update again if further problems arise.

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Original story:

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is out today, but unfortunately you may not be able to play it right now. Users trying to connect to the game are experiencing a few different errors, including SILENT-50001 and SILENT-10000B, neither of which are terribly informative in terms of what's actually gone wrong but both of which end up in the same place: The servers are not available at this time.

Ubisoft said in a Breakpoint forum post that it is "aware of an issue currently affecting connectivity on Ghost Recon Breakpoint and are working towards resolving this." Updates will be posted to that thread, and presumably also on the Ubisoft Support Twitter feed, and we'll let you know about any updates too.

In the meantime, since you've got a little extra time on your hands, here's a fun new live action trailer.

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