Ghost-hunting sequel Sylvio 2 coming this Autumn

Despite it failing to reach its Kickstarter target a while back, Sylvio 2 is still on the cards, developer Stroboskop confirms with both a new trailer and a vague release date. Standing out amid the foggy swamp of shit Slender clones that comprises much of horror gaming these days, the original excelled thanks to its adept voice acting and powerful atmosphere, its novel tape-recording mechanic, and its general theme of healing spirits rather than simply running away or jumping in fright. That (remastered) original is currently on sale over on Steam, while Sylvio 2 is coming to PC and Xbox One sometime in the Autumn/Fall of this year. Here's a brief and not very informative trailer:

Sylvio 2 expands protagonist Juliette Walters' repertoire with a new camcorder and portable TV, which you'll use to capture and analyse paranormal phenomena. There's a bit more (potentially outdated) information on the old Kickstarter page, and some additional screens on the more recent, official Sylvio 2 site.

Tom Sykes

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