Get the original Splinter Cell for free

During its E3 conference last month, Ubisoft announced it’ll be giving away a free PC game every month for the remainder of the year as part of its 30th birthday celebrations. 

Known as Ubi 30, the initiative requires you have an active Ubisoft account (which you should have if you’ve played any Ubisoft game lately) and Uplay installed and you’re good to go. In June, the 2003 action-adventure Prince of Persia: Sands of Time stole the spotlight, however this month’s deal sees Sam Fisher slinking in the shadows behind it. 

“I’d put money on a bunch of old Tom Clancy games hitting the line-up in the future,” predicted Shaun last month, and it seems he might be right as Clancy’s 2002 stealth ‘em up Splinter Cell has captured July’s slot, where it’s completely free-of-charge until mid-August. Having dived in for ten minutes or so just now, it still holds up surprisingly well—given it’s now 14 years old. 

Details on how to sign up for Ubi 30 can be located here, where you’ll also find a handy Q&A. Be sure to check back halfway through each month for the remaining five freebies.