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Get Serious Sam: The First Encounter for free in GOG's Harvest Sale

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GOG is letting you fill your basket with cheap games this week during the Harvest Sale, which looks like it has a bit of everything, including some freebies. 

There's a 25 percent discount on Disco Elysium (opens in new tab), our 2019 Game of the Year (opens in new tab), 50 percent off BattleTech: Mercenary Collection (opens in new tab), 80 percent off Life is Strange (opens in new tab), or you can just grab Serious Sam for free (opens in new tab).

Sam can be yours for nothing if you grab it within the next two days, letting you blow off some steam by massacring hordes of monsters in ancient Egypt and saving humanity. Briefly forget it's 2020 and just enjoy a straightforward 2001 FPS.  

If the giveaway has given you a taste for free games, GOG's also giving away Sudden Strike 4, but you'll have to preorder Iron Harvest (opens in new tab) first. I enjoyed Iron Harvest's first campaign (opens in new tab) and adore the big, lumbering mechs, but I'd wait for reviews before slapping down some cash. It's due out on September 8. 

Serious Sam: The First Encounter will be free until 2 pm BST/ 11 am PT on August 26, while the Harvest Sale will run until 2 pm BST/11 am PT on August 31.

Fraser Brown
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