Get ready for a game about hunting the most dangerous prey of all: mushrooms

I've collected my share of mushrooms in videogames: they're used for everything from potion-making to nourishment to crafting poisons to making an Italian plumber double his height. But Morels: The Hunt is a game specifically about collecting mushrooms. Explore the wilderness of the United States, hunt and gather different mushrooms, experience different regions and seasons, and use the in-game camera to photograph wildlife. Check out the serene and beautiful trailer above.

According to the official site, Morels: The Hunt will feature realistic weather conditions across seven different US maps. Gathering mushrooms and photographing wildlife will earn you points you can spend in the in-game store for items like a headlamp for night-hunting, a raincoat, first-aid kits, an ATV, and bug spray to keep the ticks off you.

There's even an unlockable exploration mode that lets you play as an animal, and there are lots of animals shown in the trailer: birds, foxes, wolves, raccoons, and even an alligator. And the moment I saw the Polaroid-style camera I knew this was a game I'd have to play. Morels: The Hunt is currently listed on Steam with a release date of October 15. 

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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