Get £50 off this Samsung WQHD 144Hz curved gaming monitor

G5 Odyssey in front of a colored backdrop.
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Having new games to play is often one of the joys of the holiday seasons. In the northern hemisphere it's too cold to go out half the time and down here in Australia we have the opposite problem. It doesn't matter whether you were gifted some great adventures, or you're just finally making the time to sit down and play some games, this time of year is primed for gaming. 

Of course, even if all these factors coalesce into the gaming holiday of your dreams, you may be lucky to find something to play them on. I'm not talking about a rig to run it, though we can certainly help there too. But what you might really be needing this holiday season with your house full of friends and family taking up all your viewing space, is an extra gaming screen. To take to your private gaming sanctum. 

With weather potentially ramping up for my friends in the UK, this scenario may only get more dire. To help, I've found this 27" Samsung Odyssey G5 gaming monitor on sale at Curry's for £239.00. It's billed as about £50 under regular pricing and after comparing it to other sites that seems about right. Placing this monitor in the lower £200s certainly makes for a tempting deal, especially with these specs.

The Samsung Odyssey LC27G55TQWUXEN model on offer here promises a 144Hz refresh rate on a lovely looking curved WQHD 2560x1440 screen. It supports HDR 10 and mega dynamic contrast. This means you should get clear images with very deep blacks and vibrant colours. Perfect for playing some beautiful games.

Samsung G5 Odyssey 27 inch

Samsung Odyssey G5 LC27G55TQWUXEN | Curved 27" gaming monitor | 144Hz WQHD HDR10| £239.00 save £50.00 at Curry's
This name brand monitor is coming in at a pretty hot price as the holidays roll in. With great specs and a pretty intense curve, this is looking to be a great deal, but it's low in stock so get in fast.

The curve on this model is 1000 R which is fairly concave. Most of our favourite curved monitors are closer to 1800, with the exception of Samsung's beastly Odyssey G9 LC49G95T ultra wide offering which shares the 1000 R curve. Be prepared to feel a bit hugged by this screen in a lovingly immersive manner.

In the spirit of gaming monitors, Samsung's G5 has a 1ms response time combined with AMD FreeSync Premium. This means you probably can't blame this screen if your k/d ratio isn't as good as usual. Maybe stick to blaming the holiday spirit for that one.

Being a Samsung monitor means you get that name brand panel, and they're known for making very nice ones. Plus there's a 2-year warranty to take some of the worry out of a big purchase. At time of writing these were listed as low stock on the Curry's store so you might want to get in fast if you're after one of these holiday deals.

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