Get one of 20,000 APB beta keys just by signing up


Welcome to the PC Gamer community: your first task is to click that Register button on the top right. Do it soon enough, and registering with us will not only let you add your voice to the smartest, wittiest, gaming-est PC games site on the internet, but also access to the APB beta.

20,000 community members will each receive a key for the APB beta, granting free access to the online car-crunching cops and robbers game until June 19. Download the client from and create your character; we'll start sending keys out daily on June 14 until our supply is exhausted.

Update ! The beta has now ended.

You'll get five hours in the action districts, and unlimited time in the game's social district until the event is over. Think of it as a cool Second Life, with clothing designs, car art and musical compositions made in the game's unbelievably adept editors. We suggest you sign up to the Enforcer side and create a female character, because that's how PC Gamer rolls.

See you in San Paro.