Get an ambidextrous G.Skill Ripjaws MX780 gaming mouse for $32.50

If you're in the market for a new gaming mouse, you can snag G.Skill's customizable Ripjaws KM780 on Amazon for $32.50. Just plug in promo code 10GSKILLMICE at checkout and you're golden.

One of the nice things about this rodent is it caters to both left-handed and right-handed gamers with interchangeable grips. This allows you to slap the thumb rest on either side of the mouse, effectively changing its orientation.

You can also change the height of the palm rest and adjust the weight of the mouse for a more comfortable feel, depending on your grip style and preference for a lighter or heftier design.

Underneath it all is an Avago laser sensor with an adjustable dpi from 100 to 8,200. It also features Omron switches, four-zone RGB lighting, eight programmable buttons, and onboard storage to save up to five customizable profiles.

This is not the absolute lowest price we've seen attached to this mouse (it was on sale last summer for $30), but close to it. If you're interested, you can grab it here.

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Paul Lilly

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