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Get this Sniper Ghost Warrior bundle for $1 for a very limited time

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Update: The following article initially suggested Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 was part of this deal. The games included are in fact Sniper Art of Victory, Sniper Ghost Warrior, and Sniper Ghost Warrior 2. Apologies for any inconvenience caused. 

Original story: 

Fanatical's Star Deals Week is live and brings with it seven limited-time Steam deals over the course of the next seven days. I missed its 8am PST/4pm BST kick off time yesterday because I'm a terrible person—which is why I'm hurried pointing you towards it now. 

For the next couple of hours, Fanatical has the Sniper Ghost Warrior trilogy (opens in new tab) on sale for $1/£0.75. 

Back to Star Deals Week—Fanatical informs me that 2D cyberpunk sidescroller Dex (opens in new tab) is next up, on sale for $1.49, 93 percent less its recommended retail value. I've never actually played this one, but Steam reviews speak very positively (opens in new tab) of it. As before, it launches today at 8am PST/4pm BST.  

Elsewhere, Fanatical offers 20 percent off Battletech (opens in new tab)—check out Chris Thursten's review (opens in new tab) and guide (opens in new tab)—till later today. PC Building Simulator (opens in new tab), on the other hand, will be subject to a ten percent reduction from 8am PST/4pm BST.

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