Get a massive 10TB of external storage for just $160 right now at Best Buy

WD Easystore deal
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If you've been looking for a place to stash virtually every piece of media you've ever accumulated, this sale over at Best Buy is the perfect solution. Right now you can grab a beefy 10TB external hard drive, the WD Easystore, for just $160. That's $90 off the MSRP and just a few dollars more than the lowest price we've ever seen. Just make sure you're signed into a Best Buy account or the discount won't show up.

The Easystore is a USB 3.0 external drive, meaning it can hit up to 5 Gbps transfer speeds. It's obviously not going to stack up favorably against the best SSDs for gaming in terms of raw speed, but its role isn't to host your OS, or even games that you've got in frequent rotation. This is a media server, or a place to tuck games that you haven't played in six months but swear you're going to get back to as soon as you put down Wolfenstein: Youngblood

The Easystore is basically the equivalent of a giant spindle of rewritable CDRs or DVDs you'd leave on your desk in the late 90s/early aughts. While it might be a dummy thicc boy, it's still a lot more convenient than flipping through physical discs (and having to keep an optical drive installed in your PC).

WD Easystore 10TB external hard drive | $160 (save $90)

WD Easystore 10TB external hard drive | $160 (save $90)
A massive drive to stash any piece of media, older games, or to use to backup any number of machines. For this price, which is close to its lowest ever, this beefy beast is a steal.

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