Get a free starter pack for Survarium

Survarium is a free-to-play shooter set in the post-apocalypse, after the world has been ravaged by a terrible disaster. It comes from Vostok Games, itself partly composed of developers from the Stalker series—which you can tell by how pretty it is. We've got 10,000 codes for starter packs in the game to give away.

This includes 500 Spare Parts, which you use to upgrade equipment in the game, 30,000 silver currency for you to spend, as well as a seven-day premium account booster, which grants you 50% bonuses on silver earned per match, faction reputation XP, and experience points earned per match. You also get an additional equipment profile. You can redeem this at when you sign up for the game. This code only works for new accounts, and these codes won't work in CIS countries. 

Survarium recently received its version 0.42 update, which debuted a new game mode called Artifact Hunt, a variation on capture the flag where players fight to acquire an object called Radiance of the Forest. The goal is to capture it and return to base—it increases the player’s health regeneration when carried, but it slows them down and they can’t sprint. There’s also a revised pixel perfect hit detection in this new build, as well as monthly rankings and a revamped London map. If you miss out on these keys, you can also get one free in the current issue of PC Gamer.

To enter, simply enter your email address in the widget below. Keys will be raffled off via email next Thursday. Good luck!

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